100 dating foreign women

I needed more than a Saturday night at the local bar.I craved passion and adrenaline, when the blood rushes to the head and decisions are made on the flip of a coin.For most, this is how life should be but I needed space to grow. I wanted a relationship where I’d feel emotionally challenged, where the road ahead wasn’t always clear cut.I wanted a relationship where we’d take off on last minute jaunts to far-off places, where we’d act with spontaneity and haste, rather than deliberate on our annual two-week vacation.The conversation was stilted and we were awkward table companions.The night ended with a peck on the cheek and a “thank you”. This was a repeated story when it came to dating English girls. I eventually met my wife – a vivacious, effervescent beauty from Australia – and I thankfully put my years of failed relationships with English women behind me. I had another 12-month relationship with a woman whose background was Portuguese.I’ve long had a passion for language and while I’m fortunate that my wife and I share the same language, we still have to put in extra effort, focus and understanding to ensure there aren’t regular miscommunications.It’s why I make sure my knowledge of language is always up-to-date and why, earlier this year, I turned to a service called italki to improve my abilities in an online environment.

There is something profoundly unique about finding a partner far removed from your homeland. It’s not that English women aren’t unique but when you’re an Englishman with a foreign wife, every conversation has a different slant. With no shared past and no shared geography, each step forward is uncharted territory.

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The service boasts an audience of over 1.5 million students and 4000 teachers of 100 languages.

Some time later, I took another local girl on a date.

I’d returned from university and while the craving to head abroad had started to grow, I was determined to give hometown life and a night out with this pretty, intelligent girl a fair go. We dined at an elegant restaurant, served seven courses of not-a-lot over three hours.

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