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After the list was published, the federal Media Council sent a warning to Muhame and ordered the newspaper to cease operating.

But the warning was "not related to the list at all," said Paul Mukasa, secretary of the Media Council.

It's part of the campaign." Buturo said the anti-gay measure will be addressed and passed "in due course." "Of course I hope it passes," he said.

Calls to David Bahati, the member of parliament who introduced the anti-gay bill, went unanswered Wednesday.

The secretary said the newspaper has initiated the process "to put their house in order." "Some rights groups have complained that the newspaper is inciting people, but the council is focusing on its lack of paperwork," Mukasa said.

Homosexuality is illegal in most countries in the region, including in nearby Kenya, where sodomy laws were introduced during colonialism.

"We are providing some with psychological support," she said.

Rather, he said, the letter warned the paper that it was publishing without required permits.

"Until they fill in the required paperwork, they are breaking the law," Mukasa said.

The paper's editor, Giles Muhame, defended the list and said he published it to expose gays and lesbians, so authorities could arrest them.

The weekly paper has been publishing for about six weeks.

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