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Sham Paris: A map shows replica railways and factories around the imitation city which was planned for location in the forest of St Germain.

The area in the top right hand corner (A2) was actually constructed It was situated on the northern outskirts of Paris and featured sham streets lined with electric lights, replica buildings and even a copy of the Gare du Nord - the station from which high-speed trains now travel to and from London.

Relations between the two remain frosty through their first semester as her crush Tristan gave more attention to Rory than to Paris, whom he considered a platonic friend.After Rory earns a D in a literature class as she tries to catch up with her classmates, Paris jokes bitterly the grade would be perfect to apply for work at Mc Donald's.Later, the comment would come back to haunt her as an annoyed Rory went off on her for calling her a "loser" during a test she failed to make due to oversleeping.Weil, however, had to change her hair color to play Paris from her natural brown hair coloring to blonde.This was done to further the contrast of Paris to Rory.

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