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You can see that same fire and that possibility in Tim, even at his most genial ...I'm not sure which poet talked about 'thoughts too deep for words,' but he brings that idea alive ...I wasn't operating at that same level." 2006 saw the limited theatrical release of the independent drama Coastlines, in which Olyphant starred opposite Josh Brolin as an ex-con who returns to his Florida hometown.Kevin Crust of the Los Angeles Times wrote that he "possesses the kind of thousand-yard stare that suggests something deeper going on" In 2007, Olyphant starred in the romantic comedy Catch and Release.Olyphant is a descendant of the Vanderbilt family of New York.His paternal fourth great-grandfather was family patriarch Cornelius Vanderbilt and his third great-grandfather was William Henry Vanderbilt, who doubled the family's railroad fortune.Phyllis Huffman cast him in the role but he did not have an opportunity to meet the show's producer, Clint Eastwood, who quit days before filming began.He starred in the world premiere of The Santa Land Diaries (1996) at the Atlantic Theater Company, a one-man play based on David Sedaris' essay about working as a Macy's department store Christmas elf.

Bullock is still unquestionably one of the most important characters on the show but the character of a Wild West lawman, no matter how revisionist it was in its portrayal of that lawman as someone who seemed barely in control at all times, just ended up not having as much to do in a blatantly revisionist Western about how chaos gives way to civilization." Years later, Olyphant remarked that Deadwood "almost has done more for me since we wrapped than while it was on. I'm much better at my job now because of the things I learned while doing it.Sarah Jessica Parker later said the episode, "Valley of the Twenty Something Guys", was her favorite of the series.After Olyphant's performance in Go, the film's producer Mickey Liddell offered him his choice of parts in his next project The Broken Hearts Club (2000), a romantic comedy about a group of gay friends living in West Hollywood.Olyphant was offered a starring role for a character called Dominic Toretto in another car film called Redline – that would later be retitled The Fast and the Furious. Moritz, "The studio said, 'If you can get Timothy Olyphant to play that role we will greenlight the movie." Olyphant declined the role, which went to Vin Diesel.The film went on to be a massive success, with seven sequels to date.

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