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The screen can be used either as a supplement to the main display (either providing an alternate, asymmetric gameplay experience, or a means of local multiplayer without resorting to a split screen), or in supported games, to play the game directly on the Game Pad independently of the television.

The Wii U is backward compatible with all Wii software and accessories – games can support any combination of the Game Pad, Wii Remote, Nunchuk, Balance Board, or Nintendo's more traditionally designed Classic Controller or Wii U Pro Controller for input.

Below the anal valves, the zone where the anal mucosa transitions into the external skin begins.

It is called anal pecten, or also - due to its light color - zona alba.

In this region, the corpus cavernosum recti, a spongy body supplied by the superior rectal artery can also be found.

Caudal to this line, you can see around 8-10 mucosal folds raised by the muscle strains of the internal anal sphincter, the anal columns (Morgagniís columns).They should just let you use your email like any other app Excellent app!The app is very fluid and has no performance issues. One bug is that the app crashes once you re enter it from multitasking.I've played this game before and this has'nt happend. as it competed with Sony's Play Station 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One.

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