Are successful men intimidating to women player advice dating

I’m excited to be able to reveal to you this video presentation where Nadine Piat shares with you something so uniquely powerful, that EVERY woman who is either single, dating or in a relationship MUST see.Nadine will share with you the most POTENT love technique that will make your man not only WANT you, he’ll be deeply connected to you and pretty much obsessed with you! It’s called “The Emotional Barrier Eliminator” and Nadine teaches you EXACTLY what you need to know that will speak to the hearts of the best men (and the most difficult) and have them wanting you and only you, forever.Giving up what you’ve worked hard for in order to be considered “datable” is unacceptable.If a man is not ambitious enough to go after what he wants, then definitely he will be intimidated by a woman who does.The few that are intimidated have their own unresolved issues.When dating, just keep in mind that the qualities which make you successful in your career shouldn’t cross too far into your relationship.

“I’ve been told by well-meaning relatives: ‘Don’t talk about work on a date, dumb it down, and it’s bad to earn so much money because guys will be scared of you.’ And I got the word ‘intimidating’ a lot,” said Alexis, a 35-year-old lawyer in San Francisco. Nearly half of single women believe their professional success is intimidating to the men they meet.Once a guy finds a woman who has these qualities, he will even brag about it to his friends. Here’s the deal: No man wants to come home to a competitive, stressful environment after spending the whole day at work in a similar environment. Imagine coming home everyday to a controlling and aggressive man.The biggest mistake you can make is treating your relationships like a business.Why should she give up her career just to please a man?Are men really that intimidated by a strong successful woman?

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