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Anyway, I also noticed that Chinese treat each other like crap--in general, while treating Whites much better. I think the more Westernized the city is in China, the more depravity and sluttiness that goes on from the females.They tend to lose control of themselves--if not kept in check. I liked it much better when I was in the more interior part of China--as I found the girls more open and friendlier; also, less White-worshipping, although most were very friendly towards foreigners.Our Message: You Can Solve Your Problems & Change Your Life by Escaping America for a Better Life and Love Overseas!

I quit my boring cubicle slave job and now I'm Happier Abroad... Find out which country's women are best for you, and which dating site to look for them on! Chinese women watch too many Brad Pitt movies so their impression of white guys is favorable.BTW, this does not apply to Blacks, Indians, Arabs and other dark-skinned people, as Chinese girls are fiercely racist, and consider anyone with dark skin as inferior. Almost all of the girls I dated in China were racist towards those races...I think China is a very odd, strange country with a lot of turmoil going on--both socially and culturally--and I think the Chinese people are starting to lose their pride in who they are--all for the almighty Yuan. You're a White nationalist type; in another words, you don't like Jews, Blacks or Latinos, and you consider Whites to be the superior race; yet, you're a miscegenator with Asian females--the same crap you decry on this forum, when White females date Black, Mestizos and other non-White men. One thing I noticed in Shenzhen China is how much the Chinese (men included but especially with Chinese girls) seem to kowtow towards Whites--especially White males.As far as Cornfed's dislike of Jews, it is not shared in Asia- at least when it comes to Ashkenazis.Someone who looks like Starsky is a Laowai and someone who looks like Hutch is a Laowai , gaijin, farang, etc. Ashkenazis are very pale- comes from two millenia of living in Europe.

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