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If you are using a Data-Bound Control, like the Grid View control, the control itself will pass the new values to the Sql Data Source control along with the parameters (in most cases as we are going to discuss in upcoming articles about Data-Bound Controls). In the code example, we used the text box controls to obtain values for the parameters of the T-SQL INSERT statement.

Before we explain the code that we have written above I have to tell you that you are not going to write such code when you use Data-Bound Controls. Insert Parameters as the required ingredients for the insertion operation.

Please consult my previous article for more information. The Insert Row() method returns a value that indicates how many rows have been inserted into the database.

We use the IEnumerable interface on the returned object to iterate through its collection of rows, create Html Table Row objects for each row and add them to the table. The markup code for the page looks as follows:using System; using System. Insert Command property, and also based on the values that are entered into the Text Boxes.

We have made some minor modifications to the previous article’s code. We have explained the code of the Insert Row() method so let’s continue explaining the rest of the code.

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Now let’s continue to the next section where we are going to add the functionality of inserting rows into the table. We test the return value and if it is equal to 1 we print out a simple message to the user through the Response. After that we call the Initialize Data Source(), again, to get the data from the database table. The T-SQL INSERT that we have assigned to the Insert Command property is very simple: Now let’s talk about the parameters. The parameters that are associated with the Insert() method are stored in the Sql Data Source. The Control Parameter represents a parameter that gets its value from a control. Note that we don’t prefix the parameter name with the @ sign as we do in T-SQL code. The code that does the insertion is in the Insert Row() method as follows: As we selected data from the table using the Select Command property and the Select() method we do the same with the insertion operation through the use of the Insert Command property and the Insert() method. Insert Command property to the T-SQL INSERT statement, including the parameters that you want use in the statement as shown next, and then call the Sql Data Source. This method does the insertion and returns the number of rows that have been inserted. Parameter or its derived types as we are going to see. Because the values are obtained from a control we have used a derived type of parameter called Control Parameter. Add(parameter); We simply create an instance of the Control Parameter object and assign the name of the parameter to its Name property.Today we are going to use the Sql Data Source control to insert data into the Employees table of the Northwind database. In case you haven’t read the previous article I will show you the relevant code from it again, but I advise you to read the complete article when you can.

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