Barbie and ken dating again

Ken's endeavors wouldn't be complete without input from Barbie.Her Twitter and Facebook accounts are flowing with updates about Ken's efforts, positioning her as an on-the-fence doll playing hard to get.Their love story started a while ago, while dating online.Barbie got a message from Ken and so they have started chatting for hours and got to know each other better.Make sure you help out lovely Barbie and get her perfect ready for a date.Choose for her a lovely hairstyle, a cute dress or match a top and a pair of white loose pants for an elegant touch to the overall outfit.

Mattel says Barbie agreed to start dating Ken again on Valentine's Day.

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Their life will change completely and Olivia is not sure if she is positively ready for the changes coming.

But Olivia is lucky to have a husband like Ken, who is always there to cheer her up and to tell her what a wonderful mommy she is going to be!

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