Being yourself with men dating

If your date asks a question of you, answer it honestly and sincerely.

After all, they are trying to determine compatibility as much as you are.

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And the cure for that trap is one of the most commonly repeated suggestions in dating – just be yourself!Ask yourself what it is you would want somebody to know about you before pursuing a second date. While you don’t have to reveal everything on the first date, you shouldn’t lie or deliberately hide things.For example, don’t feign interest in things that bore you or claim to like things that you don’t just to match your likes and interests with your date.If you want to be your authentic self, you have to make your date as comfortable as possible being their authentic self, as well.As you speak with your date, validate their opinions and concerns—even if you don’t share them. Instead, focus on creating a comfortable experience and emotionally safe experience for run out of things to say and to avoid topics that might be too awkward or intense for a first date.

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