Birth control and dating

It’s vital researchers continue to study the effects of the pill on the body and mind.

The couples were asked about their birth control use and their marital and sexual satisfaction.According to a recent study published in the journal , women who meet their partner while on the pill are more likely to choose unattractive partners and have higher marital dissatisfaction.The pill is believed to affect psychological processes, such as determining preferences.The researchers speculate women who married a less attractive man and then stopped the pill might become more interested in more physically attractive men, and as a result, be disappointed by her husband.“These findings suggest that HC [hormonal contraceptives] use may have unintended implications for women's close relationships,” the researchers wrote.The study’s design makes it difficult to show hormones caused the satisfaction changes but the researchers were able to control for several other factors that could affect this.“We were able to control for several other factors that might affect wives' marital satisfaction, such as whether or not she was pregnant, whether or not she was trying to get pregnant and her husband's marital satisfaction," Russell said.

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