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Those wishing to pursue an understanding of the Human Journey, and Specifics of the ancient East African migrations, which led to Modern Man's colonization of the entire world; please visit the National Geographic – Genographic Project – Atlas of the Human Journey. During the initial time, there was a long and steady period of development in the region, and this development coincided with a constant increase in population. South America, it is in Ecuador that we find the first evidence of an actual "Culture" in terms of art forms. Although the great cities and some of the other major cultural activities, that would later develop farther south, were not found in Ecuador, there was nevertheless, a considerable cultural accomplishment there.

- pottery], is wonderfully illustrated by what many now consider the region’s very first civilization, the Norte Chico civilization in the Norte Chico region of coastal central Peru, some even argue that Norte Chico is the oldest civilization in the Americas. only provides some indication of human settlement in the early Archaic era. C, human settlement and communal construction are readily apparent. The population is estimated to have been about 3,000.

The Norte Chico civilization consisted of about thirty major population centers. The most notable of the Norte Chico cities is Caral in the Supe Valley: Caral excavations were begun in 1994 by Ruth Shady Solís, a Peruvian anthropologist and archeologist. The living arrangement seems to have been large, well kept rooms atop the pyramids for the elite, ground-level complexes for craftsmen, and shabbier outlying shantytowns for workers.

The Norte Chico may well have been members of the very first East African migration, some 60-70,000 years ago, (this group did not go north, but rather followed a southern coastal route across the Arabian peninsula).

These textiles where in turn used to trade for seafood from the coast and produce from the interior, the civilization apparently had wide-ranging trade contacts. The platform top contains the remains of an atrium and a large fireplace.

Without pottery it is impossible for the people to boil food, everything would have had to be roasted.

Improving the taste, variety, and preparation of food, is one of the first things people normally attend to.

Even though Man had been in South American for 50,000 years or more, it is not until the period of 15,000 B. And from this early beginning grew the Valdivia culture.

The Valdivia Culture thrived on the coast of Ecuador between 3,500 and 1,800 B. This culture was discovered in 1956 by the Ecuadorian archeologist Emilio Estrada.

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