Christian dating advice physical boundaries

Stay true to your convictions and make decisions based on your walk with God.When Jesus was deep into his three years of ministry, he always asked people what they wanted from him (Matt. If you keep dating without asking for what you want, it may get eternally lost in the shuffle.It was such a relief to have discussed something so vital; it brought us closer. Yet, that is a really important part of someone and it speaks volumes about who they are.Before you ever have the boundaries conversation with your other half, you need to clearly define your own boundaries.

This is an important question that even I tried to avoid answering. How are you supposed to know where you draw your line? The boundaries of purity seemed simple to me before I started dating: don’t have sex until you’re married. Seems pretty easy; however, I found it is much more complicated than that.Without these things, we lose ourselves and become fueled by other people.No God-chaser should want to work only for the happiness of other people – that’s a goal that turns into a dead-end in no time.I do mean that you must seriously contemplate and establish your boundaries.I had to have this talk too, and I probably did it a little late.

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