Christian dating central oregon

This series will delve deeper into how white supremacists, sovereign citizens, militia extremists and violent anti-abortion adherents use religious concepts and scripture to justify threats, criminal activity and violence.

This discussion of religious extremism should not be confused with someone being extremely religious.

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Are there any "on fire" Christian Women in Central Oregon?

But I'm not asking this of just the Religious audience.Much like al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, right-wing terrorists — who often refer to themselves as “Soldiers of Odin,” “Phineas Priests,” or “Army of God” — are inspired by their interpretations of religious concepts and scripture to lash out and kill in God’s name.Religious extremism and its relation to violent conflict is not a new phenomenon.Many isolated confrontations, wars and conquests have been instigated or carried out in the name of religion.Throughout history, violent clashes between nations, religions and civilizations have resulted from differences in religious beliefs, scriptural interpretation and spiritual practices.

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