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In the original Famicom version the player controls four generic Light Warriors, four children without distinct identities, who, upon finding the Wind Crystal, are granted its power to save the world.Though their genders are never specified, it is assumed the children are male.This character is never named and never appears in the game.

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The jobs are interchangeable: all four party members, the Warriors of the Light, start out as either "Onion Knights" (in the Famicom version) or "Freelancers" (in all other versions), and are given the option to switch to a variety of other classes as more crystals are found and sidequests are completed.

Four Warriors of Darkness were selected to restore the balance, and the Ancients' civilization fell into ruin.

The Gulgans predicted that history would repeat and that four Warriors of the Light would be appointed to stop a flood of darkness.

The story revolves around four Warriors of Light who begin as Onion Knights in the original release, although they are named Luneth, Arc, Refia and Ingus in the 3D remake.

When they find the Wind Crystal, it grants them its power, and instructs them to restore balance to the world.

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