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Disordered – a person who can be partly sane, but partly out of normalcy.

It doesn't become apparent in daily routine, but what is crucial point – such people are vigorous today, but give way to despair tomorrow, they are unpredictable, they are polar.

Enjoys travellings, a wonderful conversationalist, a compassionate personality, speaks very good English, dreams about children and eager to start own family asap. ;) Everything was in due time, and they opened up to each other more and more every day.

She was dating an American man (her coeval) for about 6 months. Nobody could pretend so knowingly: judging by their correspondence's content and duration, it was not a game, it was chemistry…At first, a virtual one, and then a real chemistry when they made a promise to get marry after a warm, long-expected personal meeting. He safely returned to motherland, she remained to wait for him in Russia. Some of us can say it was a lack of good breeding, some can say he is complete rogue.

Their target is simpler – it is only women's attention, they feed on unreserved admiration for them, and find satisfaction in ONLY ''cyber living together'', so to speak.

Any timid attempts to move up cyber dating into the next (real) form immediately hurts their feelings and then, they vanish without laving a trace, so it’s impossible to reach them again.

Hello everybody, I have one tricky question to you. What I am pretty sure: it is not simply a neologism; it is rather a single phenomenon of today's cyber world.

Wrong: If your gut raises warning flags about an online suitor, don't think twice -- hit ''delete''. And I would be happier to not hear any further, but oftentimes recently while coaching different people I encounter the brand-new dating term ''cyberdating-addicted” when it comes to the internet dating, and especially long-distance relationship.

He usually is generous; likes to do things in a big way.Usually rapport with such kind of person ends nowhere. I assume, we all here are not for a deep mental analysis or self-searching; we all are after to find a future beloved husband or wife?? As you can see, it did not look like those romantic tours with many women and men around involved or shortcut dating chitchat for on-line fun alone.Here is the real-life example how it is working in women's life. She is Russian as well, 28 y.o., good-looking, educated, smart, honest and versatile woman. It was normal, one-to-one, exclusive, and in a certain sense old-fashioned beautiful romance, only carried out thru the Internet, in compliance with the modern dating trend, though.) is that NOT all of these people are coldly realize that they are playing and use others, like our subtype # 1 does.Most of them sincerely looking for their only ideal soulmate (their Paramour), but since there are no ideal people in our world, it is “rainbow hunt” by definition. The Wandering Knight – a person, who is perhaps the most “honest” bozo from all above-listed because he truly wants to marry, gives TLC to his preparation for international marriage: reads different manuals, posts ads, responds women's letters and industriously learns cross-cultural nuances but when things start to go really big, he always finds some plausible pretext to postpone, to shilly-shally because he all of a sudden got feeling that something is wrong. Well, with such ‘‘switchback’’, a rare woman would not move on; one should be 'thick-skinned’ to survive with the like *dreamer*.

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