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The USA is normally the single most expensive country in the world for healthcare and prescriptions but in the USA senior citizens, especially but not exclusively those on Medicare or Medicaid (there is no Bermuda equivalent) now have an effective cap on their health insurance costs and generally pay no more than about 0 a month. The service provides a variety of different functions including regulation and compliance, coordinating services and promoting awareness.

The equivalent cost to Bermuda senior citizens for similar services and prescriptions is over 0 a month. It will provide oversight of the integrated production and functional skills programmes at the K Margaret Carter Centre, formerly The Opportunity Workshop and The Orange Valley Centre, and provide advice and guidance on best practices for accessibility to both public and private sectors, among other services.

Almost a quarter 23 percent of 16 to 64-year-olds reported back or spine problems, while 33 percent of seniors suffered from arthritis.

For Senior Citizens/Disabled who can use a bus, free passes are available to Local Residents only with a Special Persons Card.

nlike senior citizens in the UK, most of Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. As in the UK, there is no national register of senior citizens/ disabled/physically handicapped persons.

To obtain these, they have pay significantly more than citizens and residents of the USA. The new name of the office aims to reflect its expanded remit to provide services to people with disabilities rather than those with physical challenges only, while replacing seniors with ageing to be consistent with the Bermuda Governments plan to promote such initiatives as the National Ageing Plan.

These 35% live below the poverty line, at least ,000 less than the Bermuda poverty line (incomes of ,000 or less for one-person income households by Government).

(In the UK, the poverty line is 151 a week, according to the UK's National Pensioners Convention).

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