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Overall, the students expressed a preference for the female robot, though in this case whether it was simply a preference for a more human robot is unclear. When asked to describe the robot, one student—gender unspecified—answered: Well, it’s female, so that’s a positive. The feminine form is typified as being weak or fragile in some form, but really inviting and warm and more interactive.Whereas if it were a male robot and masculine design, then there’s a safety issue of, “OK.In 2009, for example, Julie Carpenter, a social science researcher at the University of Washington, asked 19 students to watch videos of two robots, one that was modeled after an adult woman and another that looked like a taller Wall-E with arms.The students then filled out surveys and answered questions about how humanlike and friendly the robots seemed, and whether they’d be comfortable with the robots in their homes.

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And a lot of what we’re bringing over to our technological companions of the future is old, tired stereotypes.But that might be a dangerous path, one that’s antithetic to the decades of ongoing work to bring women into fields like business, politics, and particularly science and technology.If robots with a feminine appearance are built only when someone wants a sexbot or an in-home maid—leaving masculine robots with all the heavy lifting—what does that say to the flesh-and-blood humans who work with them?In 2007, General Motors ran a commercial featuring an assembly-line robot that loses its job after dropping a screw.The robot doesn’t look human—it’s a mechanical arm and some hydraulics mounted on a metal body with wheels.

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