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We cannot converse with early man and only rarely can we read what he or she had to say about him- or herself, for so much 'so-called' early literature was in fact written down many centuries after the event, an echo of an oral tradition.

How we choose to infer from evidence will depend on the overarching view we hold about the way societies developed. The first, we might call the ecological view, says that people adapt rationally by coming up with similar solutions and responses when they find themselves facing similar environmental situations, implying maybe that the human mind is 'hard-wired' to think in particular ways.

continue reading » After all: most things in your dating life can be worked on and improved upon, but the cold hard truth is that some aspects are set in stone.The second, a form of cultural relativism, says that the human mind is capable of a wide range of different responses, and that each society develops in a distinct, idiosyncratic way according to the accidents of a particular cultural and historical tradition.We do know, when examining early civilizations geographically isolated from one another, that each appeared to reach a certain level of development in a particular way.Scientists believe that the superfood has the power to reduce the fat stored round the stomach – the ‘spare tyre’ in men, or ‘muffin top’ in women.After just one month, volunteers who consumed a bottle of pomegranatejuice every day were found to be less likely to develop fatty cells around their abdomen.

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