Dating saudi arabia expats

So, to all of you who wanted a more hardcore perspective, this one’s for you. I’ve put together a list of seven things which you may find very annoying, and may actually change your mind in case you were considered being an expat living in Saudi Arabia.You absolutely cannot date, whether you are a local or an expat living in Saudi Arabia.Jeddah is probably the most liberal city, plus it sits on a beautiful coast. If you enjoy western freedoms and cannot do without them, Saudi Arabia is not for you. I don’t know the ratio of expats that come and then leave within six months; if I was to guess, it would be a high percentage.You will feel the overbearing pall of religion and watchful eyes as soon as you step off the plane. Bear that in mind as you make your decision to become an expat living in Saudi Arabia.If your religion doesn’t happen to be Islam and you swear, odds are the Muslim’s words will hold more weight than yours. An expat living in Saudi Arabia must understand that they are a guest in the kingdom.Speaking badly about the monarchy is a quick way to get you in trouble (like in Thailand).

I don’t know many people who got the same warnings—maybe they just like Banker in the Sun.

And remember always, most people come for the money. Just be prepared to accept a different way of life.

Saudi Arabia, the Middle East’s largest state and the fifth-largest country in Asia, is home to an estimated 10 million expats…100,000 of which are from the Western world.

During this time, shops are required to close and sales to stop. An expat living in Saudi Arabia needs to understand and accept this cultural difference.

Being that I write a lot in Starbucks, I have to constantly look at my watch to see when the coffee shop will close. I can only sit in a coffee shop for 2 hour intervals, usually. Now this doesn’t mean some places don’t violate the law and stay open during prayer times (some gyms just turn their lights off, shut their doors, and leave their members inside), but those aren’t common.

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