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GET.get('code') "Initialize" auth Req = Authorize Open IDRequest(host Name, auth Code, client Secret) "Step 2.

For example: You can use Id P1 for [email protected] Id P2 for [email protected] an Identity Provider.

Import the PHP Library require('Authorize Open IDRequest.php'); $code = $_GET['code']; //Code response parameter $state = $_GET['state']; //Match the state received $host = ''; // Server host name without http or sub-domain name or port.

$client Secret = 'abcdefghijklm'; //Client Secret noted from The 'Configure App' page in mini Orange administrator Console. Initialize Object $obj = new Authorize Open IDRequest(); $obj- //Click here to download the PYTHON library "PHP - Step 1.

Our SAML broker service will act as a Service Provider to any IDP of your choice.

And you don't have to worry about understanding SAML protocol at all.

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