Debating scientific dating

* Manoush Zomorodi: Host and Managing Editor, Note to Self Manoush Zomorodi is the host and managing editor of the podcast Note to Self from WNYC Studios.

She has won numerous awards for her work, including four from the New York Press Club.

The creation–evolution controversy (also termed the creation vs.

With over 140 debates and counting, Intelligence Squared U. has encouraged the public to "think twice" on a wide range of provocative topics.

The evening will open with a keynote Q&A with Daniel Jones, the editor of the New York Times' hugely popular "Modern Love" column.

The debate will be held at NYC's The Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College and stream live online, then air soon after as part of the syndicated public radio show and podcast "Intelligence Squared U. Debates "Swipe Left: Dating Apps Have Killed Romance" WHEN: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 / Reception - / Debate - PM WHERE: The Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College / 695 Park Ave / New York, NY 10065 TICKETS: ( for students w/ ID).

They argue for the Abrahamic accounts of creation, and, in order to attempt to gain a place alongside evolutionary biology in the science classroom, have developed a rhetorical framework of "creation science". Dover, the purported basis of scientific creationism was exposed as a wholly religious construct without formal scientific merit.

The Catholic Church now recognizes the existence of evolution (see Catholic Church and evolution).

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