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Aubrey Marcus is the Founder and CEO of Onnit, a holistic health company that focuses on what he calls “total human optimization.” Started with just one supplement, Onnit is now a whole nutrition brand with over 180 employees. Oh, my beautiful friends, thank you so much for being here.

TSOG – Ep614 – The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes Lewis Howes: This is episode number 614 with Aubrey Marcus. My name is Lewis Howes, former pro-athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur and each week we bring you an inspiring person or message to help you discover how to unlock your inner greatness. I’m so glad you’re here, and I know that you are seeking more in your life.

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It’s got over 10 million downloads on i Tunes as well, and his book is called, Own The Day, Own Your Life. The link is and I am super pumped for this one! YY Tiffany Lake.”So, Tiffany Lake, thank you so much for the shout out, you are the Fan of the Week.

Before we dive in, big shout out to the fan of the week, who says, “The School of Greatness is exactly that! And, as always, if you guys want to be shouted out on the podcast, make sure to leave us a review for a chance to be the Fan of the Week, and get that chance.

But it’s not going to be any of the external s**t that you accomplish that does that, it’s going to be the external s**t putting pressure on you internally that’s going to allow you to reach that next level. So what’s the biggest challenge you think you’re going to face and everyone’s going to face in maintaining that level of happiness, or inner fulfilment? And so, that’s been an interesting journey for me, is, it’s easier to surrender the parts where, “Oh, yeah, I know, I’m not good at that,” but the things that I think I’m really good at, when I find out, “Oh, maybe I suck at those too, relatively,” when that’s under attack, then you really, really get tested. It’s something that you talk about a lot, man, because it’s taking the focus off of yourself and [putting] the focus on the rest of the world. It’ll squirt around, it’ll try to build itself up, it’ll buff itself up like a bird who’s fanning its feathers out, it’ll strut around, it’ll make different manoeuvres, it’ll try to hide in a different spot, it’s all different ways to know hell. I want to be relaxed, I don’t want to deal with the stress.”Aubrey Marcus: Yeah.

Aubrey Marcus: I think the ego is the motherf**r, man. Lewis Howes: What’s a ritual or something that we can do to try to maintain a level of not allowing that to be under attack, and when it is under attack, what can we revert back to so that we stay grounded or stay humble or stay fulfilled? You know, it’s never going to be really, really satisfied. So, it’s that double action of both the physical and the mental/emotional.

So we’re excited to have a conversation with you guys for a little bit, and thanks for sticking around with us. He’s also got a new book out, next month, called Own The Day, Own Your Life. You know, from the outside looking in it might look like that you’ve got a lot of things figured out, but we were just talking about how you still struggle with certain things.

And he’s all about how can we constantly learn ways to improve our mindset, our health, our personal relationships and figure out this crazy thing called life. There’s nothing limiting you from doing something, is that right? Lewis Howes: But, we still face these inner challenges, these inner battles that we all struggle with, I think.

Aubrey Marcus: I think it’s a fallacy, it’s a mistake, any time you look externally and you think, “Oh, man! If I was only in there,” because everybody has their own relative experience of what they’re going through, and the harder you push, the more you drive yourself, from whatever starting point you had, however hard you pushed, resistance is going to push back, and resistance is going to find the cracks in the foundation. And different things that are out of alignment will start to be painful, like putting pressure on a fracture on a bone.

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