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At the time of the wedding his name was Danicised to Henrik and he was given the title HRH Prince Henrik of Denmark.

Prior to the wedding, the Prince converted to Lutheranism.

In fact, Henrik had mentioned this possibility as far back as 1996 in his published memoir: "During our generation the future sovereign will perhaps receive approval to see 'Monpezat' added to the dynastic name of 'Oldenburg-Glücksburg'".

In 2013, he accompanied the pop group Michael Learns to Rock on the piano as they recorded "Echo", a number which was presented to the king of Thailand.

Henrik wrote many poems in his native language (French), some of which have been published in the collections Chemin faisant (1982), Cantabile (2000), Les escargots de Marie Lanceline (2003), Murmures de vent (2005), Frihjul (Roue-Libre, 2010), Fabula (2011), La part des anges (2013), and Dans mes nuits sereines (2014).

The family spent the Second World War at the family home in Cahors, France.

They returned to Vietnam after the war, however were forced to flee following the defeat of the French in the First Indochina War.

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