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I’ve landed a new job but my last day is fast approaching.

At this point, all I want to do is leave my computer and equipment with IT the night before my last day and slip out.

Usually he just says thanks, but occasionally a “thanks babe” will slip out — force of habit, and terms of endearment/nicknames among friends in the office are not uncommon.

When the topic of our relationship comes up while I’m at work, as it occasionally does, there’s a chorus of “awwwww”s – and this has occasionally happened when someone noticed I brought him coffee.

It’s a single day, and it’s your last day — do your future self the favor of not burning a bridge just to avoid spending eight final hours there.

(In fact, you could go and savor those eight final hours, knowing that you are counting down to freedom.) 3.

All I was given was an exit letter that serves as a checklist and I’ve taken care of all of those tasks.Also, I’ve already prepared transition materials to my manager (who is brand new and I was not even allowed to interview her for the job and she’s not even based in the same office I’m in) and will send them out the second to last day on the job.Some of my colleagues who have left and even those who are still with the company say I should I leave everything with IT the night before and not come in on the last day but I’m conflicted. You’ve been unhappy there for the last year and a half and now you’re about to escape!After the firing, I let my manager know that I left some things there in my office cube that I would like.However, because it was a government facility, I needed a badge to get in and they had taken it.

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