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I am founding editor of Mediation Theory and Practice.

My research and biography was featured on BBC Radio 4's The Life Scientific (available on iplayer) and I have lectured at the Royal Institution and for TEDx.

Gender Differences in Undergraduates' Talk: Contrasting Analyses, and ...

When people alleging sexual assault are interviewed by police, their accounts are tested to see if they would stand up in court.

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That’s why we use our free personality test to measure our members’ personality traits and relationship goals and why we take location into account when making a match: we believe that when a couple is compatible in these areas they will also be compatible in life.

Some tests are in the form of tendentious questions carrying implications (e.g., that the sex was consensual) damaging to the complainant's allegation.

We give examples in which the complainants detect and resist the questions' damaging implications; but we focus on occasions when the complainants do not do so.

In 2017, working with A Dozen Eggs, I launched working collaboratively on brand-design-language projects.

I was co-Editor of Gender and Language 2011-2014, and Associate Editor of British Journal of Social Psychology 2009-2013.

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