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An expedition was being readied to make a swing around a number of colony worlds, especially those which didn't have the equipment to keep in laser contact. That was in a tomorrow Irons did not expect he would live to see. Light from fluoropanels gleamed off hand-carven chests and chairs and tables, off colorful dra­peries and shelved dishes.

You'll recall its announced purpose, to seek out new ideas in science, arts, sociology, philosophy, whatever might prove valu­able. Sherrinford wondered if the man really expected anyone ever would. The outwayer sat solid in his highseat, stoutly clad, beard flowing down his chest.

Regardless of how true that may be, I found him a useful model. Bunks were made up, side by side, and the humans lay in them. A burst of hailstones hit the tiles like knocking knuckles. " Sherrinford responded, more challenge than question.

Yet the man had not touched her, though THE QUEEN OF AIR AND DARKNESS 349 hers was a bonny body, and nothing that had passed between them suggested he meant to do so. You could feel how distant your neighbors were, Sher­rinford thought. "No outwayer calls it anything but Troll Scarp," Bar-bro said.

For a minute he wondered about summoning Nagrim to kill these two.

But I lack the carbon-dioxide tolerance necessary to live healthily down there. He raised some Terrestrial plants as well, by summerlight and in conservatories. The true conquest of northern Arc-tica lay in yerba hay, in bathyrhiza wood, in pericoup and glycophyllon and eventually, when the market had expanded with population and industry, in chalcan-themum for city florists and pelts of cage-bred rover for city furriers.

"I've convinced myself he's alive," the detective said. "Frankly, it makes me regret having taken you along.

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If the nicor jumped them fast, their firearms might avail them naught. They might have left word at home, or— He came back to his ears. Barbro was murmur­ing, "—why you stayed on Roland." The man smiled his gaunt smile. Heorot is—or was; this was decades past, remember—Heorot was densely popu­lated, smoothly organized, boringly uniform.

A bustling followed, rearrangement, settling down to listen, coffee cups refilled and brandy offered on the side. Both moons rose high above him and hills aflash with dew. "And dreaming of that woman who waited in the sun, he stopped, amazed by starlight, and so he was undone. "For there beneath a barrow that bulked athwart a moon, the Outling folk were dancing in glass and golden shoon. "The Outling folk were dancing like water, wind and fire to frosty-ringing harpstrings, and never did they tire. "To Arvid came she striding from where she watched the dance, the Queen of Air and Darkness, with starlight in her glance. "With starlight, love, and terror in her immortal eye, the Queen of Air and Darkness—" THE QUEEN OF AIR AND DARKNESS 353 "No! Her fists were clenched and tears flogged her cheekbones.

"You can't— pretend that—about the things that stole Jimmy!

Besides the added distance, I can't put a signal through to any airport before this current burst of solar interference has calmed down." Next "night" he broke out his remaining equipment and set it up. Her countenance recalled Aphrodite of Milos, whose pic­ture Barbro had often seen in the realms of men, save that the Queen's was more fair, and more majesty dwelt upon it and in the night-blue eyes.

She recognized some of it, such as the thermal detector. But you stay." A sighing went through the twilight. Around her the gar­dens woke to new reality, the court of the Dwellers and the heaven-climbing spires.

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