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He said during a 2015 Family Leadership Summit that drinking communion wine is part of his religious life.

That was refuted later on Tuesday when the White House told Newsweek: 'the comments are not true and the President did not apologize.'Why - assuming that is indeed the case - Erdogan would make those claims is a mystery.

Equally mysterious was why Trump gave two toasts at the United Nations following his General Assembly speech.

Trump was asked onstage by pollster Frank Luntz if he has ever sought forgiveness from the almighty.

The future president initially said no, and then allowed that 'when we go in church, and when I drink my little wine – which is about the only wine I drink – and have my little cracker, I guess that's a form of asking for forgiveness.'Trump's United Nations toast spoke of how the global body he once ripped has 'tremendous potential.'In the past he has called the UN 'not a friend of democracy' and blasted its 'utter weakness and incompetence.'But at the start of Tuesday's lunch, Trump spoke of the 'great honor' of having the UN in his hometown.'For years I've been a critic, but I have also been somebody that said that the United Nations has tremendous potential,' Trump said, as Gutteres looked on.'I have to say that as someone born in New York and raised in New York it is a great honor to have the United Nations in New York and always has been,' the president said.'We are working very hard to solve world problems, but there is no better forum - there can be no better forum - and certainly there can be no better location where everybody comes together,' he said. The word is "potential." The potential of the United States in terms of what it's done has been wonderful, but we can do better and we're going to.

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