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Obama is a complete fool for wanting to befriend Iran. We also provide them with security measures to assist in preventing people from spying on their nuclear program (which is what we were doing up to this point). In the 10 years ,2005 -2015 since the International Coalition and up until the collaborative sanctions were pit in place Iran expanded their technology and produced enriched material Walking away would have been no deterrence.

We are the largest power on the planet and every nickle ass country pushes us around. That's effectively doing what the last President did, nothing.

Warm, good-looking, charismatic and bursting with energy, Luke Morgan is the very definition of a “glass half-full”.

To everybody around him, Luke’s the happiest guy in the village, buzzing with positivity and always with big plans for the future.

Republicans have run a scam on the citizens of America for the last 30 years.

Ronnie" was caught red-handed illegally selling weapons to Iran (and lying about it). Sanctions are removed, allowing them to amass conventional weapons over the 10 years, as well as expand their nuclear technology and material (and give the balance to Russia) and be more able to support even more terrorism than they already do.

Subject change, non-story and very weak argument.(As well as almost 30 years ago!

) I propose the United States gives nothing to Iran except all the neutron bombs we own.

Obama called them out on it again just 2 days ago during his press conference.

I do not think its the greatest deal but it is a step in the proper direction to dealing with them.

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