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Complete the "First Date" Mission Likes Michelle is awake from 6am-11pm.Don't call her before she is awake because she will lose fondness for Niko.Kate is in the Mc Reary family, an Irish criminal family that you work with quite extensively.You're forced into dating her by her brother Packie during the course of the main storyline.Two weeks ago, Max Payne & Rockstar Games fansite webmasters were flown in from around the world for a weekend of Max Payne 3 action.Held in Rockstar's backyard of south-central Manhattan, this was the largest fansite event that the R* team has ever hosted. Everything has been marked for you 100% completion nutters: unique stunt jumps, "flying rat" locations, item pick-ups, etc.Being an unfairly persecuted immigrant you can call Kiki and have her clear your wanted level.

She goes by the name Law Chick online, but once you get her number you refer to her as Kiki.Kate most notably will never invite you into her house because she is allegedly saving herself for marriage.Complete the "Waste Not Want Knots" Mission Likes Kate is awake from 8am-12am.She also often refers to herself in the third person.Complete the "Out of the Closet" Mission Likes Carmen is awake from 1pm-6am.

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