Hg close branch without updating

You can apply them as Mercurial changesets, unapply them, edit them, and when they're done, turn them into permanent changesets and push them.

Each repository has its own queue of patches managed by MQ.

Users should note, though, that MQ is a powerful tool, and this can also lead to mistakes. For instance, unless you're running the mqext, The output of a developer (on a good day, anyway) is patches.

All users are therefore strongly encouraged to read the next section before starting to use MQ. MQ puts you in a position where you're doing fairly complicated stuff to your uncommitted work. The MQ extension lets you treat a stack of patches as works-in-progress.

People who are used to Git's branch-based workflow may find MQ hard to adapt to, and should consider using Mercurial bookmarks or branches instead. It is strongly recommended that new users adopt a bookmark-based workflow and do not use MQ.

Note that Mercurial bookmarks are very similar to Git branches. However, MQ remains a feasible patch-management tool for those who are used to older version control systems and don't want to adopt a Git-style workflow.

Mercurial has some highly capable features that will help you to isolate the sources of problems, and to handle them appropriately.

I have the occasional but persistent problem of typing rather more quickly than I can think, which sometimes results in me committing a changeset that is either incomplete or plain wrong.

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You can learn more about advanced MQ usage from the reference page, but you should now know enough to be able to use MQ effectively for Mozilla development work. Of course, changes are constantly being pushed to the central repository, so by the time you want to push, you'll be out of date.

To err might be human, but to really handle the consequences well takes a top-notch revision control system.

In this chapter, we'll discuss some of the techniques you can use when you find that a problem has crept into your project.

Your changes are files, you might want to consider Mq Merge.

This technique lets you rebase using your merge program, but it's a bit complex.

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