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Jan 1 “Nobody is going to outwork us, but nobody will have more fun either.” Jan 2 “The season is a marathon not a sprint.What matters is that our team gets better with each practice and each game.” Jan 3 “If you are not doing it the right way, why are you doing it?Being passionate about something we just need that single push, that small encouragement.These motivational sports quotes can give you that encouraging push you need.And once we are motivated, we become even more passionate, engage ourselves in action, thus making success inevitable.These motivational quotes for athletes can give you the boost and make you even more hungry for success.

If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up.)Then wait for the cue from the pep band's drummer to start the V! We also have the very simple "DE - FENSE (clap - clap)" chant. - Here we have two people at the base of each student section (east and west) hold up signs. Both methods are used interchangeably, sometimes even simultaneously! Inspirational basketball quotes for every day of the year.Quotes for the daily grind of in-season practice, summer workouts, fall conditioning, or dealing with post-season disappointment.

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