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The uniforms quickly defeat them, and Robin says that if they make it out alive, he'll do the laundry for the next year.So Raven uses a spell that stops the clothes, revealing that she tricked Robin into doing the laundry and that she cast a spell on the clothes to intentionally bring them to life.They then figure out the original Beast Boy and Cyborg are clones themselves.So Robin traces credit card purchases to an apartment where the original Cyborg and Beast Boy, now obese and only play video games reside.This angers Starfire and causes her to punch Robin in the face.After Robin's high-strung nature begins to affect the team, they try to teach him to relax.The Titans bicker as to whom is responsible for cleaning the Titans' tattered uniforms.

Then when Trigon threatens the lives of the rest of the team, Raven reveals this to be a trick, angering Trigon. So Raven, along with the rest of the team, fight Trigon with the wishes he granted them, defeating him.

Being useless to the team and hired as a receptionist, Beast Boy assists Zan in sabotaging Jayna.

Starfire gets a space parasite who she names Perry and talks to through brain waves.

Cyborg has a Love Matcher 5000 program that ends up pairing Raven with Beast Boy and Starfire with Aquaman.

While Beast Boy does everything he knows how to do, Robin can only hope that being more like Aquaman could win Starfire's heart. Light breaks in front of Raven, she is split into five versions of herself and the rest of the Titans must find her copies, trap them in the fragments of the prism, and put her back together.

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