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As the full sense of many of the terms used is not easily rendered by a mere transla- tion, I give them in their original form. • On September 23rd, 1286, archbishop Eomanus presented Mr.

Some of them, however, can be recovered from the returns now printed. Line, Matilda,* wife of Gilbert de Houby, of Houby, co.

Even had no date been named in any transcript of the Inquest now extant, a tolerably close approximation is furnished by the Proofs of age and Inquisitions post mortem of persons holding lands at the time the Survey was taken. William de Aid- field,* who is certified as holding the vill of Aldfield, in the wapentake of Claro, did not attain his full age until the 29th of April, 12th Edward I. Probably it was to afibrd the king more ample information than he previously possessed preparatory to ^ See pp. A copy is not extant of the Capitula, or articles of inquiry presented to the Commissioners, which would doubtless vary according to circumstances. p., August 9th, 1302,-'' when his inheritance was divided between his sisters and co-heiresses, Margaret, wife of Walter d'Oseville,* Alice,' wife of Peter Prilly, of Owersby, co.

The present volume contains ample evidence^ that, with the exception of Richmondshire,^ which was not surveyed until two years later, the Inquisitions for the county of York were taken in the thirteenth year of Edward I. In the return for Langbargh wapentake the exact day is named, ^' die Sabbati proximo ante Fassionem Domini, anno regni regis Edwardi tertio decimo." The Coucher Book of Fountains Abbey contains several extracts from the Itinerary (as it is there called) of John de Kirkby, and the date uniformly assigned in each of these is the 13th Edward I. It is obvious that the Survey must have been made during the period limited by these dates.-' In the absence of the Commission itself, or of any copy of it, the special purpose for which this Inquest was required can only be conjectured. How much money the king could get from a particular manor or estate, in the form of subsidy, and how many men he could raise when he was going out against his enemies, were questions regulated by the nature of the tenure and the quantity of the land, and it was therefore his policy to have these settled with the greatest exactness. Sir William de Kirkby, then about thirty years old,* who had summons to parliament, July 8th, 1294,* and died s. ' The bishop is charged with neglecting the care of his diocese in his devo- tion to the affiiirs of state, and is said to have borne himself with too much arro- gance, sinking the bishop in the treasurer {Fo$ti*8 Judgea, iii., 110.

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. He was the eldest son of Sir William l«de Kirkby^** of Meltou Mouhray, by his wife Emma de Gorham*** The jear of his birth has not been ascertained^ and little ia known of his early history.

Si aliquid domino regi subtractum fuerit de jure suo, etc. He was advanced to the priesthood, at Fcversham, on the 21st of September, by the primate, John de Peckham ; on the following day he* was consecrated by him in Canterbury cathedral ; and on the 24th of December, in the same year, was enthroned at Ely by Richard de Ferynges, archdeacon of Canterbury. The stall is not named, but it seems to have been that of Botevant.

Refrain from automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. Six years later he was again placed in possession of the great seal, as the substitute of Robert Bnniell,thc chancellor, when he went abroad ; and the same course was repeated on several other occasions during that chancellor's temporary absences*' In 1278 he occm^s as ■» Cq U. Leicester^ 1286-1313, uncle to John de Kirkbj, bishop of Ely (-B^.

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Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. The Pipe Rolls only, on account of their high antiquity, and their closer bearing on the public transactions of the realm, can be said to surpass them in their claims on the attention of those Commissioners.'^ As with the exception of some of the earlier Pipe Rolls, • Handbook to the Public Records, by F. It contains an abridgment only of the original survey,* and there is nothing to shew whence it was ' Subjoined is a list of the counties and the names of the commissioners, the heading of the first roll being given in full. Eotulus de feodis qwe tenentiir de rege in capite, et de aliis diversis in com. (nc) et Buk^ secundum Inquisitiones inde factas coram Willelmo filio Nigelli, et sociis suis^ ad hoc assignatis per ipsum regem.

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