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As ###@###.### suggested closing as 'will not fix' again.Over the years I’ve seen many requests in the forums for the ability to display line numbers in a text component. The approach I took was to create a separate component that could be added to a scroll pane along with the related text component.However, in the case of a JText Pane, it will also support the usage of multiple fonts and font sizes. The main features of the Text Line Number are the added support for: Text Line Number extends JComponent so you can easily customize the foreground, background or border.The font defaults to the related text components font.In this tutorial I'll share some source code that shows how this works.If you haven't done it already in your own code, the first thing you need to do is create a JEditor Pane, apply an HTMLEditor Kit to your JEditor Pane, then add it to a JScroll Pane like this: // create a JEditor Pane JEditor Pane j Editor Pane = new JEditor Pane(); // make it read-only j Editor Editable(false); // add a HTMLEditor Kit to the editor pane HTMLEditor Kit kit = new HTMLEditor Kit(); j Editor Editor Kit(kit); // now add it to a scroll pane JScroll Pane scroll Pane = new JScroll Pane(j Editor Pane); Later on, when you're ready to render and display the HTML code, just get the Document from your HTMLEditor Kit, set it on the JEditor Pane, and then -- assuming you have one String that contains all the HTML you want to render -- just set that HTML on the JEditor Pane using the JEditor Pane Here's an example of some HTML text, with the styles that I've shown above applied to the plain HTML: As you can see, it's relatively simple to add some CSS styles like this to help spice up some plain HTML content.

The pack() method does not determine the size of the Control Panel correctly if set Line Wrap(true); set Wrap Style Word(true); are set on the JText Area components. JText Area changes its preferred height depending on its preferred width. NORTH region, the layout manager uses its preferred height as a component height.Thus the function get Preferred Height(width) would change the value only certain number of times (every time new line is created after the wrapping) I am reopening 4924163 to give it a try.###@###.### 2004-03-17 The bug the way it is described in the description is fixed in tiger already. The new problem we have got is described above by ###@###.### This new problem happens because we do return the updated preferred Size after set Size Sorry guys.If you comment out lines where you set the word line wrap to true, the frame will pack and show up correctly. Realistically, they can't all change to accomodate the anomalous behavior of JText Area.EVALUATION Name: ik75403 Date: 09/22/2003 here goes simplified test case: -- import *; import event.*; import javax.swing.*; public class My Frame extends JFrame -- For Text Area preferred height depends upon given width. If we can't come up with a better solution than adding a new API to the layout manager (or layout managers), it is possible to do it.

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