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‘Parfect fit, sir; you couldn’t do better, sir; thenf{_ you, sir.' We were fast friends from the first day I got a hat there. 'Fm blowed if a spry young gentleman U\e you wouldn't pretty well find a situation without a character! And even the Arlington Mews has disappeared." "Never mind!He was showing me to the door, when I 3 4 THE LAST PURITAN stopped him short. Bushy: suppose my people are ruined and I have to Ioq\ for a pb. ' 1 would answer, "perhaps when the common people set the fashions, men's clothes may recover their old ra\ish- ness.But once having laid down this brilliant first principle, he had nothing more to say on the subject; and the stream of his enthusiasm, rebuffed by that stone wdl, gurgled bacb to the happiness of collecting boobplatesf' ^'No harm/* Mario would say, a cloud of gravity passing over his face, **no harm in amusing himself as he chose; only he was a brute to marry my mother and b^ep her from being the greats est prima donna of the agef' ''But if your father hadn't married your mother, where would you be?

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*'Certdnly I thought more of him as an experiment in virtue.One t Zm^when the party of New W ladies at the other table had Jen in a flurry fearing to miss the new ciutatn-rmser at Lc N^J colom L-, when Mano had seen them to then- taxi and had promised to show them Montmaitre on the following night aft J the Opera; and when quiet was room at La FSr Jse where we remat nf as it often did, to the young Oliver Alden, who of all the victims of the war was nearest to us both. T hm may odways be fresh people to take the thing up.He had been Mario s cousin and bosom friend and the most gifted of my pupils tn my last ^‘^'You know what I've been thinking! Bat in Oliver (mntanism worked itself out to its logied end.In their » propems tua in fr^onpt numtom; that scemei yet tooner or inter ^“lie J^ZMLZ^Uttrio^nu Ut M ,ae of one or recent evenu wu^ . And why should I, of all people, abandon philosophy tn my old age and take to composing history, even ^m'Osing that tn Oliver's history there were any actions to record/ ^ "No actions, but something you might tak^ ff wielded pleasure in descri Ung: Puritanism Self-condemned.mre th Sv lurndn^^tal L what to do with thcmselees. Oliver uras the last ^ Puritan.** • "1 am afraid," I answered with a melancholy which toas only hdf feigned, "I am afraid there will always be puritans in this mad world. “I don’t mem that puritmism has died out everywhere.

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