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The complex also contains the building of the Al-Bukhari Islamic University (built in 2007 too) and the offices of the newspaper Islom Nuri (‘Ray of Islam’) and the magazine Hidoyat (‘genuine way’) under the Muslim Board of Uzbekistan.

The buildings of the complex look very impressive from a distance, too, particularly at night when they are fabulously illuminated.

The new mosque featuring traditional Islamic architectural elements adds to the grandeur of the site.

The complex was named after the 10th-century Islamic scholar, one of the first and highly esteemed imams of Ash-Shash (Tashkent’s former name) Abu Bekr Al-Kaffal Al-Kabir Ash-Shashi (also spelled Abu Bakr Al-Qaffal Al-Kabir Ash-Shashi).

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The architectural complex Khazrati Imam (also spelled Khazrati Imom, Khazrat Imam, Khast Imam, Hast Imam, Khast Imom, Hast Imom) is the top Tashkent historic site and Islamic center, consisting of Barak-Khan Madrasah (also spelled Baraq Khan), Tilla Sheikh Mosque (also spelled Tillya Sheikh), Muyi Muborak Madrasah, Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum (also spelled Kaffal Ash-Shashi, Qaffal Ash-Shashi), Namazgoh Mosque, as well as the new Khazrati Imam Mosque and the muftiate building (the Muslim Board of Uzbekistan or Spiritual Administration of the Muslims of Uzbekistan) built in 2007.

Thoroughly restored in 2007, the historic buildings of the complex, with the earliest of them dating back to the 16th century, show their original splendor now.

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