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ceilings, etc, and removing 20 year old wall paper i found behind a wall heater i removed When: , BST Map Pool: Blood Run, Aerowalk, Cure, Sinister, Lost World, Toxicity, Furious Heights Mapchoice - BO3: drop drop drop drop pick pick pick BO1: drop*6 pick Prize Pool: 1st 1 000 RUB Rules: Full Double Elimination, Winner Bracket: BO1 till the quarter final (1/4), BO3 WB 1/4, WB semi, WB final and Grandfinal (two BO3 if it will be needed); Low Bracket: BO1 all matches (including LB final).first off i want to make it known that i do appreciate the effort that went into making the cpma engine, and the flexibility it gives users over ioq3 in regards to customization.i cannot stand these cpma grenades and smoke trail, i'm completely fine with the grenades i want, not the cartoonish grenades that cpma thinks i should be forced into using. same situation as above, in my hd pak files, the rl smoke trail looks realistic, and i really like it.whereas in cpma, it looks cartoonish and fake, i cannot stand it, but i cannot figure out how to make it go away. come on guys, it's 2018, and even ioq3 (which you claim to be superior to) has addressed this years ago with the 4k version whcih utilizes the new renderer. i had to actually copy the images over to the z-cpma-pak150.pk3 to keep it from overriding my preferred lightning color, which is green with the green energy at the tip of the specs, to rule out me having a crappy system:: -i7 2600k clocked at 4.5 cooled by corsair h50 -gtx 1060 6gb @ 2100 blower -16gb ddr3 hyperx fury dual channel in cpma there are quite a few issues that i feel need addressed.first off, there doesn't seem to be any modern implementation of ioq3's new renderer, or ogl drivers that comes with the install, as none are present in the zip.

there really is no need for them, they don't perform may seem otherwise due to my increasing anger with what's going on here, but i'm just extremely frustrated and have lost quite a bit of sleep trying to make this run properly.however i am only using cpma as a means to an end, to get around ioq3's lack of custom hud support, and lack of cpma/reflex movement physics.they do stupid things like stand in one spot until you get close to them.they definitely do not perform the same as pak0.pk3 bots.

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