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Credit score ranges can be roughly equated to levels of credit, from Bad to Excellent: Applying for a card designed for people in your FICO score range does not guarantee you will be approved.Several other variables, including income and debt obligations may also come into play.When you think of the once-mythical American Express black card, you may conjure images of the most fabulously wealthy people in the world plunking one down on the counter to pay for items that cost more than most Americans earn in a year – or possibly even in a decade.The official name of the American Express “black card” is the Centurion® Card from American Express (not to be confused with the more recent Master Card® Black Card™).That may mean a coveted ticket to New York’s fashion week or a private box at the Superbowl.Upgraded airline and hotel loyalty program status, such as Delta Sky Miles Platinum Medallion and Hilton HHonors Diamond, are rumored to be benefits of the Centurion card.The Centurion card is “once-mythical” because prior to 1999 it really was just a myth.

If you check out the “Annual Membership” section of the Cardmember Agreement on American Express’ site, you’ll see that they offer Platinum Card and Gold Card options, sometimes with discounted annual fees, as additional cards for Centurion cardholders.

There was a time when a Centurion cardholder could get have up to 99 authorized users sharing the account, but that benefit is now over.

As of a few years ago, cardholders are now limited to only 2 authorized users on a Centurion account, in a bid to make the card more exclusive.

This is a video we made for fun about ways to destroy a metal credit card.

Want to see more options for metal credit cards that don’t cost 00 per year? With the popularity of the card combined with the explosion of wealth in new emerging markets around the world, the Centurion card has been made available to a host of countries worldwide.

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