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What customers don’t want is a big wait for an answer to their question.What they do want is quick assistance, whilst they are still shopping on your site.There’s even a feature which allows you to invite them to a chat.This can be helpful if a user has been on your website for a long time or they are on one of your service pages.This is especially useful if you are at work and need to get tasks done at the same time. Efficient method of communication Live Chat is quick, simple and is straight to the point. Better & faster communication Particularly with email, there may be rounds of back and forth communication with questions and clarifications until you get your answer or a solution.Due to the nature of email, this can take a lot of time and effort.Om du ikke er fornøyd med hvordan Flash-avspilleren fungerer på maskinen din, kan du forsøke å bytte til HTML-5 versjonen av siden ved å klikke på "rockeren".

If you are a business that provides either a service or products to customers, Live Chat can have real significance in both sales, customer service and customer satisfaction.

Even if you want to trial it for a month or two, it is definitely worth it.

Their live chat software is so flexible that nearly anything you want to do can be done with automation.

On most Live Chat software, you can view what pages each current website user has visited which can give a great insight into how users experience your website, opening opportunities to notice issues that need to be improved. Competitive advantage Although Live Chat is a popular feature, not all websites have adopted it yet which can give you a real advantage over competitors. Real-time insight into web visitors On most Live Chat software, you can see how many users are on your website and what pages they have viewed.

This gives great insight into how your website is used and what the most popular pages are. Encourage conversation with web visitors From the software, you can view a list of users on your website at that moment.

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