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It is like a warning signal from the body that you are under too much pressure.

Other people may find themselves in a stressful situation, like a packed underground train, which they find they can no longer cope with.

Many people mistakenly think they have had a panic attack when they feel a sudden sense of panic. Robert Westlake, a therapist who specialises in the condition, explains, 'You get a sudden surge of adrenalin through the body.

It is an extreme type of the 'fight or flight' reaction.' Although the symptoms vary for each sufferer, the effect on the body is similar.

'Many sufferers feel like they are going to die,' says a spokesman, from the National Phobics Society.

'But panic attacks are not fatal.' Sufferers may also feel that they are going insane or losing control and can go on to develop other fears and phobias triggered by the experience.

Most panic attacks will only last for a few minutes, although it may feel a lot longer because of the symptoms you are experiencing.

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