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It may be that a similar outcry will arise as Bell’s new work, “What is the Bible? Rather than focusing on issues of salvation, this book focus on how we should read the Bible, posing what Bell believes is the most important question to ask ourselves as we read: “Why did people find this important to write down?” This human-centered approach appears, at first, to leave God out of the picture, entirely.“I was in a band when I was in college—the band broke up, and I somehow ended up giving a sermon, and I had this moment of awakening, like ‘I’m going to reclaim the sermon as an art form.’ In the tradition that I came from, sermons are something that you give from the Bible.So I started reading it and I went to get a graduate degree and did all that, but I discovered that when I actually read it and studied it, people weren’t talking about the things that were actually happening in the pages of this ancient library.He is a graduate of Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois and Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California.The name Mars Hill comes from a site in Greece where Paul preached, the Areopagus, which means Mars Hill in English.

It was shortly after that life-changing experience that Bell's life did indeed change. Rob Bell says the questions he raises about salvation, heaven and hell have all been asked before, and in fact liberal theology does go back many hundreds of years. To some, he provides a new—and more useful—lens through which to view the Christian faith.To others, he embraces a wishy-washy view of the Bible that fails to commit God’s more difficult edicts.Bell's critics say that view ignores man's free will.Bell clearly did not expect such an explosion of negative response.

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