Mashable location based dating

They often mention how awful the culture at the new company is.

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While no company will ever be perfect and there is always room for improvement, Mashable is definitely in my top 3 companies I've worked for. Here goes:- revolving door- unequipped management- leadership is laughable -This is literally the white privilege headquarters (for an example: witnessed white employees get lightly disciplined for making the same mistake a POC employee made and the POC employee got harshly disciplined.

I can only speak to my experience while working here, and I realize everyone's experience may differ. While I believe most companies can do better at hiring more people of color, Mashable definitely is open to doing so, and has done so on numerous occasions. I can honestly say I trust the HR team at Mashable more so than any other HR team I've worked with in the past.

Mashable has done a pretty great job at hiring people that fit into the company culture. They will pass by you and say hi, and maybe even strike up a small conversation. I very rarely feel uncomfortable due to being a woman of color. I can tell the head of HR is not just interested in attracting top notch talent, but in retaining that talent as well.

Mashable made a number of job cuts in recent months and had been attempting to secure additional funding.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Ziff Davis, a technology, gaming and healthcare…

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