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“I’ve always been different.” While he learned piano at a young age, Walker was torn between music and sports.

“I grew up an athlete/ choirboy in turmoil,” the boyishly handsome singer-songwriter says.

Walker’s signing typified the business plan of Capitol Nashville, which aims to sign unique artists to their roster.

Because of his unique style and creativity, Walker and the label wanted to look beyond Nashville for a producer who could bring his material to life.

He knew every time a new song was added to the jukebox’s playlist.

Perhaps not surprisingly given his quick learning curve, Walker’s debut album, Reason To Rhyme, doesn’t sound like a debut at all.

“Music was my back-up plan,” he admits now with a chuckle.

Sticks-in-your-head, “Wax Paper Cups,” paints an enticing picture of a day at the beach with a loved one, complete with his trademark love for Icees, George Strait music and a tailgate.

Walker performed in musicals while in high school, which is where he met his now-wife, Laney—they co-starred in the school’s production of Little Shop of Horrors.

He completed a degree in general music with an emphasis on piano in just two years at Birmingham-Southern College and then attended the University of North Carolina before moving back to Mobile to work in real estate with his father and half-brothers.

But his father could see how much Walker missed music, so he convinced a waitress at a local restaurant to let his son play a few songs.

Walker took the job, though he was hardly prepared.

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