Most intimidating actors

Billy Bletcher is pretty good too though I feel he sounds a bit dated at times, same with John Mc Leish.

Maybe it's just I haven't heard much of his performance but it doesn't really sound villainous here. He sounds more evil and sinister which suits Pete alright. He sounds tough, mean and brutish, exactly how Pete should be! Will Ryan's Ducktales performance was weird but he did well in the Christmas Carol, he was really scary in that one.

Nominated for Oscars 3 times and Golden Globes 8 times, he has done a number of different roles.

He has grown as an actor over the years and now is regarded as one of the best actors of his generation.

Over the years, Hollywood has produced some of the most versatile actors of all time.

It is never easy to select a top ten list for best actors because there have been numerous good actors.

He totally redeems himself [email protected] Just watched a clip on You Tube and you're right, Will has redeemed himself. But at the same time, I think it was a bit too deep just like [email protected] I know someone else already mentioned Mickey's Christmas Carol but I will say this The only Pete I don't like is John but Will degraded later on his run his later run is worse than Billy to me Course Jim will always be the Pete I imagine I may be biased since I grew up with him in the role, but I simply love Jim Cummings in the role of Pete, especially in Kingdom Hearts!

He is the perfect marriage of Pete as idiot, bungler and villain!

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He has everything, right down to the brute-like voice, the occasional sinister tone and a comedic side to boot. Arthur Burghardt is pretty good as well, and I liked Billy Bletcher's take too. Will Ryan's take is far too goofy and silly to be taken seriously as Pete and it doesn't really fit the bully persona the character often has, either. He strikes a nice balance of comedy and brutish menace.

His roles in “The Departed” and “Blood Diamond” still draws praise from different circles. Heath Ledger What an actor and what a story he has.

He started off with reputation of being only a hot guy.

I know it's a nitpick but that's why he is a hell-close second.

Will sounds more like Goofy here than he does Pete. I've got to give this one to Jim, he's got my vote. Jim has the perfect sense of comedy and intimidation as Pete. though he can be funny as Pete, he's by far the most intimidating Pete actor of the lot.

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