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[soon thereafter] the painting moved to the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery and it hangs in a first floor gallery in the former Patent Office building.” John Skirving: From Bricklayer to Men of Progress The prominence of Samuel Colt’s father, Christopher Colt, in the development of silk manufacturing in America is cited in , by Linus Pierpont Brockett (1876). Look carefully in the foreground for Bowie knives and what appear to be (in the next case, to the upper left): ivory-stocked Derringer pistols.

To quote Rotenstein: “The painting and engraving reflect an aesthetic that captured the nation’s ideals in an age of factories, railroads, and national markets in which scientists were reinvented as heroes.

If his show at the Great Exhibition is meagre, he nevertheless beats all creation in his threshing-machines, his steamers, and yachts.

John Bull don’t like this from his rebellious son, but he chuckles at his being HIS son, after all.

Then Colt returned to New York City from London, February, 1852 (that means he spent very little time in London between Jan 10th and when he had to set sail). Colt again stayed at the Astor House, New York City, from June 18th, 1852 and for some time.

This can be closely surmised from the guest registry.

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