Outlook 2016 nk2 file not updating

One of my email contacts has a new email address as their company changed their domain name.I have deleted and re-entered her correct email address about half a dozen times in the address book and yet my PC still thinks I am sending her emails to her old instead of her new The limit can be raised in Outlook by use of a registry setting.

If Outlook didn't import the NK2 automatically, or you are using a new computer and didn't think to move the NK2 file, or you made a new profile, you can import the NK2 after the first run by using the Import NK2 switch.Outlook 2003 Outlook 2007 Outlook 2010 To learn more about the files Outlook uses and where they are stored, visit Outlook & Exchange/Windows Messaging Backup and Dual-Boot. I have a user who uses her auto complete for email addresses quite often.Ever since one of the techs deleted the file a few weeks ago, she loses all auto completes if she reboots.When I got to her computer, there was no NK2 file to be found.

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