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They call it , or Lazarus Sunday, because they have the feast of Lazarus’ resurrection prior to Palm Sunday.

Many Greek Orthodox churches celebrate Palm Sunday at a later date than the date that many western churches have for the day.

Piazzas in front of many churches throughout Italy are filled with people, including vendors selling olive and palm branches.

Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem is often reenacted with a procession in Rome on Palm Sunday.

So, Hermann Reimarus (1694-1798) rejected miracles and thought the Bible authors were frauds.

David Strauss (1808-1874) rejected miracles as mythological, and these writers laid the foundation for the great granddaddy of modern New Testament scholars, the Lutheran theologian Rudolph Bultmann.

Other names for this day include Passion Sunday, Fig Sunday, Willow Sunday, Branch Sunday, or Blossom Sunday.

Many churches hold special Palm Sunday services that involve distributing palms to the congregation.

Palm Sunday is the start of Holy Week, which is the week before Easter, commemorating events in the last days of Jesus Christ’s life.

The palm branch is traditionally a symbol of joy and victory.

It is a sign of victory over the flesh and the world in Christianity.

Early references to Palm Sunday observations, including a procession and blessing of palms, go as far back as the fourth and eighth centuries.

Many modern Christian churches, including the Catholic and eastern churches, as well as the Lutheran, Methodist, and Presbyterian churches celebrate Palm Sunday as part of Holy Week.

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