Remeron less sedating at higher doses

The effect is that they can take a “typical” starting dose of a medication, and on its trip through the liver, only small amounts are transformed and excreted.The result is often very high blood levels of the medication and severe side effects or toxicity.

In many instances the “therapeutic dosage range” is broad. It is important to know that the amount of medication required to effectively reduce and eliminate symptoms often has little to do with how severe the symptoms are.For example, daily dosing with lithium is between 6 mg. And what matters is not so much how much drug is ingested but rather, how much of the medication enters the blood stream.There are three primary factors that influence the amount of drug that finds its way into the blood stream. Psychotropic medications are absorbed through the walls of the stomach and intestines and go directly to the liver.This online continuing education course is designed to teach the basics of clinical psychopharmacology for practicing psychotherapists.The focus will be on three groups of commonly encountered clinical conditions: mood disorders (depression and bipolar spectrum disorders), anxiety disorders and ADHD.

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