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Their separate plot lines have knotted into the first New York-based U. Holbrooke as a creature of Washington, a Beltway peripatetic, a conversation topic at tedious Georgetown dinner parties, a traveling miracle worker from the Dayton Peace Accords to battle-roiled Kosovo. Holbrooke’s appointment has positioned him to make the next step, as Madeleine Albright did.

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be Secretary of State, although I’ve never heard him say that’s what he wants,” said James Hoge, editor of the Council on Foreign Relations’ Foreign Affairs magazine and probably Mr. “Dick’s a very strong-minded man with real commitments to what he thinks American foreign policy ought to be.

Among the many honors her parents received for their reporting on the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 was the George Polk Award.

The family fled Hungary following the revolution and settled in Chevy Chase, Maryland, where Marton attended Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School.

Her third husband was diplomat Richard Holbrooke, from 1995 until his death in December 2010, frequently traveling with him during his diplomatic missions in the former Yugoslavia and in the Middle East.

Marton said, “we just get one of those spontaneous phone calls” from the Presidential sleep-over at the Spielberg estate. That rumor seeped after an assessment conducted by the U. Inspector General’s office apparently indicated that the Waldorf quarters are no longer adequate.

But the couple’s absence will do nothing to slow frenetic speculation about the position they are suddenly positioned to occupy at the peak of high-profile New York. The purported apartment upgrade–confirmed by Calvin Mitchell, director of communications at the U. Mission to the United Nations–seemed in keeping with the ambitious streak commonly associated both with Mr. Marton, who, during a tumultuous 15-year marriage to ABC’s Peter Jennings, stood by him straight to the top of the news anchor heap. Holbrooke had already frequented the building during the period he co-habited with then-resident Diane Sawyer.

She studied at the Sorbonne and the Institut d'Études Politiques in Paris.

Growing up in Hungary, she had a French nanny, so she was raised speaking both Hungarian and French, learning American English when her family moved to the U. She has a master's degree in International Relations from George Washington University. Her first husband was Carroll Wetzel, a retired international investment banker from Philadelphia.

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